Miri® Multi-room Incubator


ESCO MIRI CE Marked as Medical Device for IVF

The ESCO MIRI is a revolution in form and functionality for CO2 incubators for IVF. Equipped with 6 chambers, the MIRI is a bench-top incubator that allows users to access their cultures in one chamber without affecting the neighboring chambers. Thus harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by frequent incubator access are avoided.

Built specifically for IVF laboratories and clinics to provide the best standards of care.

  • 6 completely separate heating chambers for safe and secure handling of your embryos
  • Total capacity of up to 24 standard 60mm culture dishes or 48 x 35mm
  • All chamber and lid temperatures are independently calibrated
  • Direct heat transfer allows for fast recovery
  • Heated Lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation and recovery
  • Separate CO2 and O2 regulation means expensive pre-mixed gases are not required
  • Air is continuously cleaned by HEPA/VOC filters, and UV light.
The ESCO Miri Multi-Room CO2 Incubator is the perfect choice for routine embryo culture for any IVF clinic.

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