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ESCO MIRI II-12 Multiroom Incubator

Order Code: MIRI II-12

The Esco MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator dedicates one chamber for each patient and has 24 completely separate PID temperature controllers.
The compartments are separate from one another and do not affect each other's temperatures in any way. There is no effect on the remainder of the system from any disruption in one chamber, such as a temperature reduction after opening the lid. The temperature in the culture chambers and the lids can be controlled and regulated as well. The top and the bottom of each compartment are separated with a PET layer so that the lid temperature would not affect the bottom.
For validation purposes, each compartment has a PT-1000 sensor built-in. The circuitry is separated from the unit's electronics, so it remains a genuinely separate validation system.
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