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ICSION manufactures a wide range of CE Marked Micromanipulation pipettes including:

  • Holding pipettes.
  • Injection pipettes, Spiked and Non-Spiked. Including Piezo injection pipettes.
  • Polar body, blastomere and trophectoderm biopsy pipettes.
  • Assisted hatching pipettes.
  • Partial zona dissection pipettes.

ICSION offers a range of designs. Notable key features include:

  • Holding pipettes have flat faces to provide greater support for oocytes and embryos.
  • Injection pipette spikes are carefully controlled and assessed to optimise clinical outcomes. Non-spiked injection pipettes are offered with a sharp bevel.
  • Injection pipettes are available with either long parallel or rigid tapers.
  • Piezo injection pipettes are made from both standard and ultra-thin glass.
  • Biopsy pipettes and assisted hatching pipettes are lightly heat polished and carefully checked for divots in the face of the tips to prevent cell rupture.
  • Partial zona dissection pipettes have sharp tips and rigid tapers for easier penetration of the zona pellucida.
  • All pipettes have polished bases to prevent damage to microtool holder seals.
  • All pipettes are individually packed in colour-coded packaging.
  • All pipettes are packaged in a custom-design holder that allows easy and secure removal.
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