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Miri M Multi room Incubator

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MIRI® M, Multiroom IVF incubator
The Esco Medical MIRI® M is a multiroom IVF CO2/O2 gas incubator, which contains two main parts: a docking station and multiple shelves with six movable chambers per shelf. The default version of the incubator can have up to 18 separate chambers, i.e., 3 shelves (with the possibility to extend the maximum by one more shelf), each chamber being movable between the MIRI® M docking station. The multiroom IVF incubator features a recirculating gas system after HEPA/VOC filtration and a UV-C light to maintain clean and safe conditions for the recirculating gas. Move chambers with Petri dishes keeping them safe in a regulated environment of temperature and gas instead of moving them around to the destined work area in ambient temperature without regulated gas.
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