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Stroebech Media

Stroebech Equine Media Products

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Every media batch is provided with a Certificate of Analysis with a high level of Quality Control (QC) release parameters.

The most important is the Bovine Embryo Assay BEA Test. There are huge differences in reproductive physiology between the mouse and cow, therefore a MEA test is not sufficient QC for a bovine medium.

As a customer you get a detailed Manual of Procedure and access to online support. Furthermore, there will be online training courses and individual troubleshooting sessions.

All the media are serum-free and ready-to-use and require no supplements.

The media range applies to in vitro production of bovine embryos from both Ovum Pick Up and Slaughterhouse ovary collection. The media can also be used to produce sheep, goat, buffaloes and camelid embryos.

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